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Phil Heath

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mounts: Junior—A.J.S.

Age 38, Phil Heath is one of the best known Continental Circus members. Though his home town is Leicester, he lives in Brussels during the racing season, and is a “racer and journalist” by profession. His experience of the T.T. course is extensive, going back to pre-war days, for he competed in several Manx Grands Prix during the late thirties. His best “Manx” was the 1948 Junior, in which he was second, on a A.J.S. In the Senior of the same year he was sixth on a Norton.

In the 1949 T.T. he was 37th in the Junior and 11th in the Senior, winning silver replicas in both races. He retired in the 1950 Junior after one lap, but was 34th in the Senior.

Absent from the Island in 1951, he returned in 1952, but was out of luck and retired in both Junior and Senior. Last year a crash on the Continent caused him to be a non-starter in the T.T.

Phil is again a member of the Continental Circus, and places gained so far this year include 11th in the 500 c.c. race at Mettet, sixth in the 350 c.c. at Floreffe, and third in the 350 c.c. class at Zandvoort, Holland.

His entrant for this year’s T.T. is G. F. Jones.
(TT Special, 16 June 1954, p.16.)

Mounts: Junior – Norton
Senior – Norton

Age 35, of Leicester, Phil Heath has had extensive experience of the T.T. course going back to pre-war days. Last year he described his occupation as “I leave it to you”. This year, however, he is more explicit – “Racer, Journalist, Philanderer, Spiv”. – He has told us his hobby, but says “Don’t you dare publish it!”

Phil Heath has competed in various Manx Prix races having won a replica and finishing plaque pre-war, and two replicas post-war, his best ride in the “Manx” being in the 1948 Junior, when he finished second on an A.J.S. at 77.82.

The same year, he was sixth in the Senior on a Norton at 77.99 m.p.h.

Last year he turned to the T.T. finishing 37th in the Junior on an A.J.S. and eleventh in the Senior on a Norton and winning first-class replicas in both. He was also a member of the “Continental Circus” and scored several third and fourth places – for example, third in the Circuits de Limbourg and Lauzanne and fourth in the Circuits de Floreffe and Comminges on a 500 Norton in each case.

This year he is again a member of the “Circus” and has already scored two seconds – in the 500 c.c. class at Floreffe and Limbourg.

His Junior machine is a new “double-knocker”, whilst his Senior mount in last year’s model with minor modifications. He is entered for both races by E. T. Pink (Harrow) Ltd.
(TT Special, 5 June 1950, p.20.)

Name Variant: Phil *Heath

Competed in

1954 Senior TTRAJS
1954 Junior TTRAJS
1952 Senior TTRVincent
1952 Junior TT173:17:45.0080.14AJS
1950 Senior TT343:20:52.0078.9Norton
1950 Junior TTRNorton
1949 Senior TT113:14:37.8081.43Norton
1949 Junior TT373:27:11.0076.49AJS
1948 Senior MGP62:54:11.0077.99Norton
1948 Junior MGP22:54:35.0077.82AJS
1948 Clubman Senior TT21:53:49.0079.58HRD
1947 Senior MGP373:28:21.0065.29Norton
1947 Junior MGPRNorton
1947 Clubman Senior TT150:02:41.1556.17Norton
1946 Senior MGP133:25:04.00Norton
1946 Junior MGP173:22:33.00Norton
1938 Lightweight MGP73:28:29.0065.17New Imperial
1937 Senior MGPRVincent HRD
1936 Senior MGP183:34:22.0063.38Vincent HRD


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