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J.F. Jackson

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 43, Joseph Frederick Jackson is a motor cycle trader and repairer and lives in Bradford. A very experienced rider, his first race was in 1936 at Donington. He has since ridden in every 'Manx' since the war, his best position being sixth in the 1950 Junior event, and has so far collected five replicas, finishing 19th in last year's Junior. His hobby is the collecting of vintage motorcyclesm the pride of his present stable, perhaps, being a 1912 Lincoln Elk.

(TT Special, Thursday, September 11, 1958 p16)

Competed in

1959 Junior MGPR0BSA
1958 Junior MGP352:49:51.0079.98AJS
1957 Senior MGPR0Norton
1957 Junior MGP192:45:36.0082.02Norton
1956 Senior MGPR0Norton
1956 Junior MGPR0Norton
1955 Senior MGP302:50:43.0079.57AJS
1955 Junior MGP252:48:46.0080.49Norton
1954 Senior MGPR0AJS
1954 Junior MGPR0AJS
1953 Senior MGP292:57:08.0076.69Velocette
1953 Junior MGP292:57:36.0076.48Velocette
1952 Senior MGPR0Velocette
1952 Junior MGP202:53:08.0078.45Velocette
1951 Senior MGP293:02:24.0074.47Velocette
1951 Junior MGP193:02:40.0074.37Velocette
1950 Senior MGPRNorton
1950 Junior MGP62:56:21.0077.06Velocette
1949 Junior MGPRNorton
1948 Junior MGP363:13:32.0070.2Norton
1948 Clubman Junior TT42:12:05.0068.56Velocette
1947 Senior MGPRNorton
1947 Junior MGP193:14:36.0069.82Norton
1946 Senior MGPRNorton
1946 Junior MGPRNorton


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