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Ray King

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2008 Senior Classic MGPRAermacchi
2006 Senior Classic MGPRAermacchi
2005 Senior Classic MGP191:39:34.0090.933Aldoro Aermacchi
2005 Junior Classic MGPRMetisse Aermacchi
2002 Senior Classic MGP311:43:12.0087.89Aermacchi Metisse
2000 Senior Classic MGP461:46:16.0085.2Aermacchi Metisse
2000 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi Metisse
1998 Senior Classic MGPRAermacchi Metisse
1996 Senior Classic MGP531:44:41.0086.49Aermacchi
1996 Junior Classic MGP251:43:20.0087.62Aermacchi
1995 Senior Classic MGPRKenwood Aermacchi Metisse
1995 Junior Classic MGP251:44:31.0086.63Kenwood Aermacchi Metisse
1994 Senior Classic MGP471:48:16.0083.63Norton
1994 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi Metisse
1991 Senior Classic MGP371:45:12.0086.06Seeley Matchless
1991 Junior Classic MGP231:52:20.0080.61Aermacchi
1990 Junior Classic MGP191:48:58.0083.09Aermacchi
1989 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi
1988 Junior Classic MGPRAermacchi


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