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Syd Lawton

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mounts: Junior – A.J.S.
Senior – A.J.S.

Age 37, a partner in a motorcycle business, of Southampton, Sydney Lawton rode at Dontngton for the last two years before the war, where he won replicas on an ex-Daniell Norton.

His first experience of the Island course was in the 1946 Lightweight “Manx” in which he retired. He came into the limelight in the 1947 Clubman's Senior T.T. in which he brought a veteran Ulster Rudge model into fourth place in the second and third laps. Fell off on the last lap at Creg Willies while actually trying third and eventually finished eleventh in the 1947 Lightweight “Manx” on a 16-years-old Rudge. He “turned International” in 1948 and has gained a Silver Replica every year since then on a 7R A.J.S., finishing in the first 20 in each case, a distinction which he claims is only shared with Artie Bell and John Lockett. He was twentieth in 1948, thirteenth in 1949 at 79.23 m.p.h. and eighteenth in 1950 at 79.68 m.p.h. He also brought his A.J.S. into twentieth place in the 1950 Senior T.T., averaging 81.56 m.p.h. and being the first private owner “350 type” to finish.

He is entered in both Junior and Senior by Jenkin and Purser Ltd., of Southampton, on a 1951 7R A.J.S.
(TT Special, 6 June 1951, pp.12-13.)

Competed in

1952 Senior TT123:04:04.2086.1AJS
1952 Lightweight TT31:49:43.2082.54Guzzi
1952 Junior TT53:07:05.0084.71AJS
1951 Senior TTRAJS
1951 Junior TT123:08:37.2084.02AJS
1950 Senior TT203:14:17.8081.56AJS
1950 Junior TT183:18:54.2079.68AJS
1949 Senior TTRTriumph
1949 Junior TT133:20:01.1079.23AJS
1948 Senior TTRAJS
1948 Junior TT203:33:57.2074.07AJS
1947 Lightweight MGP113:44:03.0063.48Rudge
1947 Clubman Senior TT82:14:20.0067.43Rudge
1946 Lightweight MGPRRudge


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