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Michael McGeagh

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mount: Junior - A.J.S.

Age 28, Michael McGeagh is a native of Ramsey, Isle of Man, but has now gone into partnership with Len Parry in a motor cycle business at Ledsham, Cheshire.

He has ridden over the T.T. course on many occasions - as a Clubman's and Manx G.P. rider from 1950 to 1952 and as a Junior T.T. competitor last year; from all these races, unfortunately, he has had only three finishes, for 'In all the other races either I fell off or something fell off the machine!'

Still - he did finish in last year's Junior; he was on an A.J.S. and came in 50th to claim a bronze replica. He is entered by his own company, Two Mills Motorcycles, and classes as his other interests modern art, poetry, and 'messing about in boats'. He is also a regular contributor to 'Bemsec' magazine.
(TT Special, 8 June 1955, p.10.)

Mount: Junior—A.J.S.

Age 27, Michael McGeagh is a free-lance journalist. A Manxman from Ramsey, Michael now lives in Heswell, Cheshire, but he has spent some time in the West Indies.

He has ridden over the T.T. course on seven occasions—the 1950 and 1951 Junior Clubman’s races, the 1950, 1951 and 1952 Junior Manx G.P., and the 1951 and 1952 Senior Manx—but he has only twice managed to finish. In all the other races, he says, “Either I fell off, or something fell off the machine”.

The 7R A.J.S. he rides is the one used by Syd Franklen in the 1953 T.T., and is a 1953 model. Michael’s hobbies are Modern Art and Poetry, and “messing about in boats”.
(TT Special, 16 June 1954, p.20.)

Age 24; agricultural student, of Ramsey, Isle of Man. Principal racing and trials successes – “nil.” Machine, 1947 B.32 B.S.A. Hobbies: “Writing short stories and novels – nothing yet published. Collecting records of early Jazz bands and compiling Discographics of tune titles.”

Entered by Sunbeam M.C.C.
(TT Special, 7 June 1950, p.19.)

Nationality: Manx

Competed in

1954 Junior TT502:25:00.0078.07AJS
1952 Senior MGP483:00:33.0075.24Velocette
1952 Junior MGP593:19:31.0068.08Velocette
1951 Junior MGPR0Velocette
1951 Clubman Junior TTRBSA
1950 Junior MGPRVelocette


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