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Alan Phillips

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Nationality: Manx

Competed in

2003 Lightweight 400 TT261:36:12.6094.12Honda
2000 Junior TT471:33:37.0096.72Yamaha
1999 Senior Classic MGPRRSM Triumph
1997 Senior Classic MGPRRSM Triumph
1996 Senior Classic MGPRRSM Triumph
1995 Senior Classic MGP271:38:51.0091.59RSM Triumph
1994 Senior Classic MGP321:40:38.0089.97RSM Triumph
1994 Junior Classic MGPRRSM Triumph
1993 Senior Classic MGP441:43:53.0087.15RSM Triumph
1993 Junior Classic MGP281:48:01.0083.82RSM Triumph
1992 Senior Classic MGP491:51:27.0081.24RSM Triumph
1992 Junior Classic MGP261:29:03.0076.26RSM Triumph
1991 Senior Classic MGP381:45:13.0086.05RSM Triumph
1991 Junior Classic MGP151:45:05.0086.16RSM Triumph
1990 Senior Classic MGP381:48:40.0083.32RSM Triumph
1989 Senior MGP592:19:27.0097.4Yamaha
1988 Senior MGP682:26:58.0092.42Kawasaki
1987 Senior MGP712:38:38.0085.61Norton
1986 Senior MGP532:30:10.0090.44Norton
1985 Senior MGP522:34:53.0087.689Norton
1984 Senior MGP492:32:33.0089.03Norton
1983 Senior MGP432:34:06.0088.13Norton
1982 Senior MGP562:51:02.0079.41Norton
1981 Senior MGP272:23:59.0094.33Yamaha
1981 Junior MGPRYamaha
1980 Senior MGP342:30:48.0090.07Yamaha
1980 Junior MGP332:28:10.0091.66Yamaha
1978 Lightweight Newcomers MGP71:38:43.0068.78Craig Yamaha
1978 Lightweight MGP311:19:05.0085.87Craig Yamaha


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