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Brian Richards

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 23. Brian Richards is an industrial tractor demonstrator and comes from Newland, near Ulverston, Lancs. He has had four years of trials and scrambles, but this is his first season's road racing, and his best to date is seventh place in the 500 c.c. scratch class of the recent Cookstown "100." His bike is the 1959 model which Jack Bullock rode in last year's Senior T.T., finishing 16th at 93.39 m.p.h. The machine belongs to Eddie Crooks, and Brian writes: "I would like to say how grateful I am to Eddie for all the help I have had from him, both financially and morally, over the last few months."
(TT Special, 7 September 1961, p.12).

Name Variant: Brian **Richards

Competed in

1991 Senior Classic MGP201:39:09.0091.31Seeley
1991 Junior Classic MGP81:39:06.0091.36Seeley
1990 Senior Classic MGP221:40:18.0090.28Seeley
1990 Junior Classic MGP121:41:44.0089Seeley
1989 Senior Classic MGPRSeeley
1989 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley
1988 Senior TT602:15:57.4099.9Suzuki
1988 Senior Classic MGP81:38:05.0092.3Seeley
1988 Junior TTRYamaha
1988 Junior Classic MGPRSeeley
1988 Formula 1 TT542:18:09.0098.31Suzuki
1987 Senior Classic MGP91:12:18.0093.92Seeley
1987 Junior TT312:22:55.2095.03Yamaha
1987 Formula 1 TT392:16:29.6099.51Suzuki
1986 Senior Classic MGP91:13:02.0092.98Seeley
1986 Junior TT242:32:46.0088.91Honda
1985 Senior Classic MGP151:18:49.0086.153Seeley
1984 Senior Classic MGP170:53:29.4084.64Seeley Matchless
1968 Ultra Lightweight TTRBultaco
1968 Production 250 TT41:21:14.0083.61Bultaco
1967 Ultra Lightweight TT151:24:54.2080Bultaco
1967 Lightweight TT112:42:26.0083.63Bultaco
1966 Ultra Lightweight TT151:22:59.4081.84Honda
1966 Lightweight TT102:37:24.8086.3Bultaco
1965 Ultra Lightweight TT321:34:02.8072.23Honda
1965 Lightweight TTRDMW
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT141:24:58.8077.93Honda
1963 Ultra Lightweight TTRBultaco
1963 Lightweight TTRBultaco
1962 Junior MGP202:45:10.0082.24AJS
1961 Senior MGP502:47:28.0081.12Matchless


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