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Tommy Robb

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 26, Thomas Robb is a draughtsman and conies from Belfast. His first T.T. was in 1958, but he had already had a large number of racing successes in Ireland and elsewhere. In 1957, for example, he won the 250 c.c. class of the Skerries "100" and the Temple "100" and was second in the Kiliinchy "150" and third in the Ulster Grand Prix, whilst he won the 250 class of the Aintree Century and the 350 class at Kirkiston Airfield. In 1958 he won the 250 c.c. race at Oulton Park, and was third in the 250 c.c. class of the North-West "200," and he was 8th in the Lightweight (250) race. He won both 250 and 125 c.c. classes of the 1959 North-West "200" on his G.M.S. and Ducati, and in the T.T. the following month he collected three replica Silvers for 22nd in the Senior and fourth in the Lightweight, and a Bronze for ninth in the "125".

After the T.T., Tommy finished fourth in the 250 c.c. class of the "Ulster" and sixth in the same class of the Italian Grand. His G.M.S. wins since then include the 1959 Mid-Antrim "150" and Temple "100" and the 1960 North-West "200", whilst on his Matchless he won the 500 c.c. class of the Tandragee "100" and was second in the same class of the North-West "200". In May last year he won the 350 c.c. class of the Cookstown "100" on his A.J.S.

Tommy was entered for all four solo T.T. races last year, but he crashed at Windy Corner in practice and was a non-starter in all of them. This year he has already won 125 c.c. races at Brand's Hatch, Snetterton and Oulton Park, and the 250 c.c. class of the recent North-West "200" - apart from many seconds and thirds. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p. 13.)

Nationality: Irish

Name Variant: Tommy *Robb

Competed in

1979 Junior TTRYamaha
1979 Formula 3 TT51:40:54.4089.73Suzuki
1973 Ultra Lightweight TT11:16:23.6088.9Yamaha
1973 Senior TTRYamaha
1973 Production 250 TT31:53:05.8080.06Yamaha
1973 Lightweight TT231:42:17.0088.53Yamaha
1973 Junior TT162:01:13.6093.37Yamaha
1971 Senior TT152:29:57.0090.59Seeley
1971 Production 250 TT31:49:47.6082.49Honda
1970 Ultra Lightweight TT71:23:08.8081.7Maico
1970 Senior TTRSeeley
1970 Production 750 TT82:02:42.0092.26Honda
1970 Lightweight TT333:05:07.8073.38Suzuki
1970 Junior TT92:29:24.6090.92Yamaha
1969 Ultra Lightweight TTRHonda
1969 Senior TTRNorton
1969 Lightweight TTRYamaha
1969 Junior TTRAermacchi
1968 Ultra Lightweight TT41:19:10.4085.8Bultaco
1968 Production 250 TT61:21:48.0083.03Suzuki
1968 Lightweight TT152:34:38.4087.85Bultaco
1968 Junior TTRBultaco
1967 Ultra Lightweight TT71:18:43.2086.29Bultaco
1967 Production 250 TT21:16:38.6088.62Bultaco
1967 Lightweight TT102:38:50.0085.52Bultaco
1967 50 TT31:38:02.0069.28Suzuki
1966 Ultra Lightweight TTRBultaco
1966 Lightweight TTRBultaco
1966 50 TT111:46:59.2063.49Suzuki
1965 Ultra Lightweight TT111:23:06.4081.73Bultaco
1965 Lightweight TTRBultaco
1965 Junior TT142:31:46.4089.51AJS
1964 Ultra Lightweight TT201:28:43.8076.55Bultaco
1964 Lightweight TT72:51:48.6079.07Yamaha
1963 Ultra Lightweight TT71:20:01.0084.88Honda
1963 Lightweight TT52:44:10.2082.75Honda
1963 Junior TTRHonda
1962 Ultra Lightweight TT21:16:40.6088.58Honda
1962 50 TT31:00:47.6074.48Honda
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT191:32:11.2073.68Bultaco
1961 Senior TTRMatchless
1961 Lightweight TT172:41:40.0070.02GMS
1961 Junior TT382:39:28.4085.18AJS
1959 Ultra Lightweight TT965.44Ducati
1959 Lightweight TT41:27:57.0073.6GMS
1959 Junior TT223:00:06.6087.99Norton
1958 Lightweight TT81:29:50.6072.05NSU


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