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Malcolm Templeton

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Junior - A.J.S
Senior - Matchless.

Age 34, Malcolm Templeton is an automobile engineer and comes from Ballymena - “Joe Craig’s birthplace”.

He has had many road racing successes during the post-war years, principally in his own country. He came into the limelight in 1947, when he won the 350 c.c. class of the North West “200,” on a Norton, at 68.03 m.p.h. After various places in the Irish “100’s.” he wont the 350 c.c. Scratch class of the 1950 Mid-Antrim “150” at 80.19 m.p.h. - again on a Norton.

He was fastest finisher in the 350 c.c. class of the 1953 Cookstown “100.” and made fastest 350 lap; and then he won the 350 class of three important Irish races - the Skerries “100,” the Mid-Antrim “150,” and the Carrowdore “100”.

He rode in the Manx Grand Prix in 1947, ’48, and ’49, and turned International in 1953. He completed three laps in the Junior race, retiring at the pits but finished 14th in the Senior, winning a silver replica. He as second in the 350 class of the 1954 Leinster “Two Hundreds”, and won the 350 c.c. Skerries 100 and the 500 c.c classes of the Mid-Antrim and Temple 100.

Riding A.J.S and Matchless machines in the T.T. races, he was 47th in the Junior event and 31st in the Senior.
(TT Special, 10 June 1955, p.23.)

Nationality: Irish

Competed in

1955 Senior TT303:05:18.2085.52Matchless
1955 Junior TT323:12:28.8082.34AJS
1954 Senior TT311:59:58.0075.49Matchless
1954 Junior TT472:23:46.0078.74AJS
1953 Senior TT143:09:09.2083.79Matchless
1953 Junior TTRAJS
1950 Senior MGP122:54:30.0077.85Norton
1950 Junior MGPRAJS
1949 Senior MGP142:54:53.0077.68Norton
1949 Junior MGP333:04:42.0073.55Norton
1948 Senior MGP163:04:39.0073.58Norton
1948 Junior MGPRNorton
1947 Senior MGP193:15:33.0069.48Norton
1947 Junior MGP253:17:12.0068.89Norton


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