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Dave Vale

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

1999 Lightweight MGP51:22:28.00109.8Yamaha
1999 Junior MGP370:42:30.00106.57Yamaha
1998 Lightweight MGP40:41:10.00109.97Yamaha
1998 Junior MGP241:23:48.00108.03Yamaha
1997 Lightweight MGP111:25:16.00106.19Honda
1997 Junior MGP401:27:21.00103.65Honda
1996 Lightweight MGP81:24:14.00107.49Padgett Honda
1996 Junior MGP151:24:09.00107.59Padgett Honda
1995 Lightweight MGP91:25:36.00105.77Padgett Honda
1995 Junior MGP161:26:03.00105.21Padgett Honda
1992 Lightweight MGPRYamaha
1992 Junior MGP251:27:39.00103.29Yamaha
1991 Lightweight MGP161:29:32.00101.13Honda
1991 Junior MGP191:29:49.00100.8Honda
1990 Lightweight MGPRHonda
1990 Junior MGP361:41:47.0088.95Honda
1988 Lightweight Newcomers MGP111:39:42.0090.81Yamaha
1988 Lightweight MGP291:37:19.0093.04Yamaha


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