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Arthur Wheeler

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 44, Epsom motor-cycle agent Arthur Wheeler is best known for his successes in the 250 c.c. field, on a Guzzi with home-built streamlining closely resembling the 1953 factory models.

He made his debut on the T.T. course in 1948, finishing seventh in the Junior Clubman's race and following up with ninth place in the Junior Manx and fifth in the Senior Manx of that same year.

He rode in the International T.T. for the first time in 1949, finishing 20th in the Junior race after successes at Ansty, Blandford, etc; the following year he was 12th in the Junior T.T. and second in the 350 c.c. North-West 200, these results being gained with a Velocette.

In 1951, on a Guzzi, he was fifth in the Lightweight T.T.—and began a run of "wins" in the Leinster and North-West "200's" that lasted tarough '52, '53, and '54.

Arthur was ninth in the 1952 Lightweight T.T., fourth in the 1953 event and seventh in 1956. He also collected tenth place in the 1954 Junior T.T., on an A.J.S., and was 28th, with the same machine in the Senior race.

He had a most successful 1954 season on the classic circuits, ending with a brilliant win in the Grand Prix des Nations at Monza.

In 1955 Arthur rode in most of the World Championship meetings, and on many of the British circuits, successes including the 250 c.c. Championship at the Hutchinson 100 meeting.

In the T.T. Races he was 12th on an A.J.S. in the Junior, fourth on his Guzzi in the Lightweight, and 17th on a Matchless in the Senior, so earning a trio of silver replicas.

He finished sixth in the 1956 250 c.c. T.T. and 18th in the Junior —two more Silver Replicas—but retired in the 125 c.c. race. In 1957, he rode in all four solo T.T. races and finished in three of them—Junior, 19th (Silver Replica)' Lightweight, 8th (Silver) and Senior, 23rd and first "350" to finish (Bronze).

In 1958 he retired in the Junior and Lightweight, but finished 9th in the "125" and 35th in the Senior, with a couple of "Bronzes," his Senior placing was particularly noteworthy, for he was riding his 350 A.J.S. and was the first 350 home. In 1959 he was 21st in the Junior (Silver) and seventh in the Lightweight (Bronze) and two months after the T.T. he won the 125 c.c. race at Thruxton on his Ducati and the 250 race on his Guzzi.

Arthur had a crash before last year's T.T. which put him out of voting for the whole season. He's at it again now, and last month was third on his Guzzi, in the 250 c.c. class of the North-West "200". He was third again in both 125 and 250 c.c. races at Thruxton on Whit Monday.

He is entered for all four races by his own firm, Arthur Wheeler Ltd., of Epsom. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p19)

Competed in

1989 Senior Classic MGPRMoto Guzzi
1989 Lightweight Classic MGP101:53:41.0079.64Moto Guzzi
1988 Senior Classic MGP351:50:39.0081.83Moto Guzzi
1988 Lightweight Classic MGP61:53:37.0079.69Moto Guzzi
1987 Junior Classic MGP321:38:33.0071.06Moto Guzzi
1986 Junior Classic MGPRMoto Guzzi
1985 Junior Classic MGPRMoto Guzzi
1984 Junior Classic MGP220:56:52.0079.6Moto Guzzi
1983 Lightweight Classic MGP51:23:17.0081.54Moto Guzzi
1962 Senior TTRGuzzi
1962 Lightweight TT42:33:06.6088.72Guzzi
1962 Junior TT232:37:16.0086.38Guzzi
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT131:27:56.2077.24Ducati
1961 Senior TT272:32:11.6089.26Matchless
1961 Lightweight TT72:12:53.4085.19Guzzi
1961 Junior TT392:40:28.6084.65Guzzi
1959 Senior TTRAJS
1959 Lightweight TT769.55NSU
1959 Junior TT212:59:59.2088.04AJS
1958 Ultra Lightweight TT91:38:44.6065.56Mondial
1958 Senior TT353:05:18.0085.53AJS
1958 Lightweight TTRMondial
1958 Junior TTRAJS
1957 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1957 Senior TT233:28:20.4086.93Guzzi
1957 Lightweight TT81:33:57.4068.91Guzzi
1957 Junior TT193:04:49.4085.75Guzzi
1956 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1956 Lightweight TT61:32:20.6061.1Guzzi
1956 Junior TT183:14:34.4081.45Guzzi
1955 Senior TT172:58:24.0088.83Matchless
1955 Lightweight TT41:29:44.4064.92Guzzi
1955 Junior TT123:03:54.2086.17AJS
1954 Senior TT281:58:41.0076.3AJS
1954 Lightweight TT71:21:24.0083.44Guzzi
1954 Junior TT102:12:25.0085.49AJS
1953 Senior TTRMatchless
1953 Lightweight TT41:52:40.0080.38Guzzi
1953 Junior TT193:13:17.2081.99AJS
1952 Senior TT213:09:37.8083.57Norton
1952 Lightweight TT92:00:00.4075.47Guzzi
1952 Junior TTRVelocette
1951 Senior TTRBSA
1951 Lightweight TT52:00:34.0075.11Velocette
1951 Junior TT473:23:58.0077.7Velocette
1950 Senior TT263:17:27.8080.26Norton
1950 Junior TT123:15:04.4081.24Velocette
1949 Senior TTRTriumph
1949 Junior TT203:23:28.2077.89Velocette
1948 Senior MGP52:54:09.0078.01Triumph
1948 Junior MGP92:59:38.0075.62Velocette
1948 Clubman Junior TT72:15:31.0066.85Velocette
1947 Senior MGP123:07:45.0072.36Velocette
1947 Junior MGP63:09:45.0071.6Velocette
1947 Clubman Lightweight TTRExcelsior
1946 Senior MGP103:22:08.00Velocette
1946 Junior MGP113:14:41.0069.78Velocette
1937 Junior MGPRVelocette


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