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Marek Wieckowski

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Competed in

2016 Lightweight MGP101:31:43.1898.727Honda
2014 Lightweight MGP131:34:14.1196.092Honda
2013 Lightweight MGPRHonda
2013 Formula 1 Classic TT251:35:12.0095.115Moto Martin
2012 Lightweight MGP121:33:42.0096.631Honda
2012 Junior Post Classic MGP101:41:15.0089.424Yamaha
2011 Lightweight MGP151:36:10.0094.158Honda
2010 Senior MGP511:27:33.00103.427Honda
2010 Post Classic Junior MGPRYamaha
2010 Junior MGP700:22:27.00100.825Honda
2006 Senior MGP311:24:24.00107.283Honda
2006 Junior MGP491:25:16.89106.18Honda
2005 Senior MGP411:25:47.00105.557Honda
2005 Junior MGP521:25:59.00105.302Honda
2004 Senior MGP551:27:30.00103.47Honda
2004 Junior MGP631:25:36.00105.78Honda
2003 Senior MGP651:27:42.00103.23Honda
2003 Junior Classic MGPRGreeves
2002 Class C Newcomers MGP41:34:51.0095.45Honda


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