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Ron Hardy

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Sadly, Pete Hrdy, Ron's brother, lost his life on 27th May 1974 when the sidecar outfit he was driving on the opening practice session, crashed at Laurel Bank. Ron Hardy was passenger and despite being knocked unconscious he sustained relatively minor injuries.

Competed in

1981 Sidecar B TTR
1981 Sidecar A TT171:17:14.4087.92Konig
1980 Sidecar B TTRKonig
1980 Sidecar A TT131:16:29.6088.78Konig
1979 Sidecar B TT151:12:54.8093.14Konig
1979 Sidecar A TT161:13:45.0092.08Konig
1978 Sidecar B TT111:22:15.4082.56Konig
1977 Sidecar B TT111:43:32.6087.45Suzuki
1977 Sidecar A TT161:46:19.4085.16Suzuki
1976 Sidecar 1000 TTRChrysler
1976 Sidecar 500 TTR
1972 Sidecar 750 TT141:24:40.6080.22Triumph
1972 Sidecar 500 TT281:38:18.8069.09Triumph
1971 Sidecar 750 TT261:36:02.2070.73HTS
1971 Sidecar 500 TTR1:38:14.4069.14HTS
1970 Sidecar 750 TTRHTS
1970 Sidecar 500 TTR
1969 Sidecar 750 TT171:29:38.6075.77HTS


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