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George H. Crellin

Epithet: Artist

Record type: Biographies

Biography: Born in Douglas, he was able to draw from an early age but did not take an active interest in art until the age of twenty, when he began to attend the Douglas School of Art. There Crellin was influenced by Archibald Knox and when the School was passed over to Peter Chisholm, he was pointed in the direction of portraiture.

In 1939 he joined the Royal Corps of Signals and was stationed in Africa, seving with the East African Corps of Signals until the end of the Second World War. He then attended Ceylon Technical College for Vocational Training, specialising in portraiture. On his return to the Island he worked in water colours and oils, but found it difficult to complete portraits to his own satisfaction and left many unfinished. During this time, he worked as a partner and writer of J. Chilcot and Son, the outdoor publicity firm of Douglas. He also had an interest in painting Manx landscapes and later in his life attempted paintings in the abstract style.

Occupation / profession: Artist

Gender: Male


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