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Richard Bentley Fairclough

Epithet: Artist (d.1938)

Record type: Biographies

Biography: Born in Manchester, Richard Fairclough referred to himself as a 'Thoroughly Lancashire Man'. This did not discourage him from travelling, however, and a particular interest in the Pacific island of Pitcairn Island drove him to live there from 1925-38 after his initial visit in 1911. He also claimed to be a descendant of Joseph Bentley of Bury, one of the shipmates on the mutinied vessel The Bounty who was betrayed with Captain Bligh. He drew and wrote about the island extensively, writing letters to Robert Tolman in New York describing everyday life on the island as well as its geography and inhabitants. His letters are hailed as the most comprehensive first-hand descriptions of the island from this time period.

Occupation / profession: Artist

Gender: Male

Date of death: 1938


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