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Mrs Barbara Price

Title: Mrs

Epithet: Artist (c.1912-1990)

Record type: Biographies

Biography: Barbara Price studied at Art College in Halifax and Leeds University, going on to become an art teacher at the King William's College in the mid 1930s where she taught for twenty years. She was reportedly very kind and patient with her students, encouraging them to the point that art became one of King William's most popular subjects. She met 'Bill', whose parents lived in Onchan, and they married the weekend war broke out in 1939.

In 1959 she left education to concentrate on her painting. She also bought the antique shop 'Pot Luck' in Athol Street, Castletown which she ran with care. She dedicated much of her time to German Internees at Port Erin as well as students from Port Erin's International Hotel and Management School.

After her husband died she moved to Athol Park and dedicated much of her time to poetry until her death. Her own attitude to mortality can be summed up in her words, 'We can't alter the pattern - and so we go with it, accepting and rejoicing in the sadness.'

Occupation / profession: Artist

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 1912

Date of death: 1990

Place of death: Isle of Man


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We have a painting by Barbara originally called "Carrick Bay" - a view looking south towards Port St Mary from a field in Colby. It features our house " Carrick View" ( on Ballagawne Rd) in the foreground. The painting was given to us by a lady who came to our door a number of years ago. We have no recollection of who this lady was and didn't know who Barbara Price was . - Geoff Corke Report this