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Mike Hailwood

Epithet: TT Rider 1960s: "Mike the Bike"

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mike Hailwood is considered one of the greatest racing legends of the TT, having achieved a record-breaking 14 TT wins in the 1960s and 1970s, and is still a hero to a generation of fans.

He was born in Oxfordshire in 1940 and his father, a pre-war racer, owned a large motorcycle dealership. Hailwood began racing at 17 and showed huge natural ability. He rode for both Honda and MV Agusta, winning nine World Championships.

Hailwood’s TT career began in 1958, the highlight being the 1967 Senior race against Agostini, which he won after a thrilling battle. Following a period in car racing, he returned to the TT in 1978 and made a triumphant comeback with victories in the 1978 and 1979 races.

He was tragically killed in a car accident with his daughter in 1981.


Gender: Male

Competed in

1979 Senior TT12:01:32.40111.75Suzuki
1979 Formula 1 TT52:08:03.60106.06Ducati
1979 Classic TT22:00:10.40113.02Suzuki
1978 Senior TT282:16:41.8099.36Yamaha
1978 Junior TT121:56:46.8096.92Yamaha
1978 Formula 1 TT12:05:10.20108.51Ducati
1978 Classic TTRYamaha
1967 Senior TT12:08:36.20105.62Honda
1967 Lightweight TT12:11:47.60103.07Honda
1967 Junior TT12:09:45.60104.68Honda
1966 Ultra Lightweight TT61:11:26.6095.07Honda
1966 Senior TT12:11:44.80103.11Honda
1966 Lightweight TT12:13:26.00101.79Honda
1966 Junior TTRHonda
1965 Senior TT12:28:09.0091.69MV
1965 Junior TTRMV
1964 Senior TT12:14:33.80100.95MV
1963 Senior TT12:09:48.40104.64MV
1963 Junior TTRMV
1962 Ultra Lightweight TTREMC
1962 Senior TT122:27:27.4092.13MV
1962 Lightweight TTRBenelli
1962 Junior TT12:16:24.2099.59MV
1961 Ultra Lightweight TT11:16:58.6088.23Honda
1961 Senior TT12:15:02.00100.6Norton
1961 Lightweight TT11:55:03.6098.38Honda
1961 Junior TTRAJS
1960 Ultra Lightweight TTRDucati
1960 Senior TT32:18:11.6098.29Norton
1960 Lightweight TTRDucati
1960 Junior TTRAJS
1959 Ultra Lightweight TT31:29:44.0072.15Ducati
1959 Senior TTRNorton
1959 Lightweight TTRMondial
1959 Junior TTRNorton
1959 Formula 1 350 TT31:12:27.8093.73Norton
1958 Ultra Lightweight TT71:34:27.6068.54Paton
1958 Senior TT132:51:48.4092.24Norton
1958 Lightweight TT31:27:07.8074.3NSU
1958 Junior TT122:57:17.0089.39Norton


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Mike Hailwood is talking to Albert Moule, MGP and TT rider and also travelling marshal. - Bill Snelling Report this