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Prospect Hill (Douglas)

Description: Prospect Hill links central Douglas with Douglas Harbour and the quay in the east of the Isle of Man (NGR 23808 47554). Brown's Guide to the Isle of Man of 1900 says, "...we round the sharp curve from Victoria Street to Prospect Hill, the alarum bell of the car sounding a noisy warning to all whom it may concern to get off the track. At this point the ascent from the Lower to the Upper Town, makes itself strongly evident. Climbing with a steepness rarely seen in a modern town, the road winds upwards in a double curve, bordered on both sides by imposing buildings. The roadway up the hill has been greatly widened and otherwise improved, at a cost of about £20,000, in order to accommodate the tramway; and, as it now appears, it is one of the finest thoroughfares in the town." (p.90)


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