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Ballateare Viking Burial Female Human Skull

Date made: Viking

Description: No other remains survive of the person added to the burial mound after the main burial apart from this skull. The skull is not whole, the front part does not survive, but it is thought to be of a female who was in her 20s when she died. A large hole is visible at the back of the skull, that shows no sign of healing. The hole was made made by a forceful blow with a large, heavy, bladed weapon. It cannot be said for certain whether the hole was made prior to death (and therefore the cause of death) or whether it was made soon after death.

It is generally thought that the skull is the remains of a female who was sacrificed to accompany the Vking buried below the mound in the afterlife.

Measurements: 129mm x 146mm x 145mm; 253.92g

Materials: bone

Date found: 1946

Object name: Human Remains

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 1966-0373/11


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