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Michael Silver Seal Matrix

Date made: Medieval AD 1315 - 1330

Description: This is a seal matrix, belonging to a high-ranking Church official and probably used in an ad causas seal – ie used to verify judicial decisions. It dates to around AD 1315–1330 and is a high quality item, with fine engraving and a silver content of around 98%. On the front (reversed, as in all seal matrices) are two forward-facing human figures sitting beneath arches whose architecture is ecclesiastical in nature. The clothing on the figures is also ecclesiastical. Beneath these figures is another human figure, side on, kneeling in prayer and, again, wearing ecclesiastical robes. Around the outer edge is an inscription, most of which is legible, which reads as follows;


translated as;

Let the prayers to God of Germanus and Patricius help (us)

The seal matrix was found in the north of the Island by Andy Falconer and declared Treasure Trove.

Materials: silver

Date found: February 2012

Object name: seal matrix

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 2015-0027


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