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Arbory Church Screen

Date made: 1530 AD

Description: These carved oak beams were once part of a rood screen at Arbory Parish Church. Rood screens were used to separate the chancel from the rest of the church and usually had a large depiction of the crucifixion on them.

These beams are interesting for another reason though. They date to the early 150os and were commissioned by one of the last abbotts of Rushen Abbey, Thomas Radcliffe. The inscription says;

“"In tyll hys tym god hays hym gefyn sych grace he laboryt besa..." "Bloud the best cuyn of the chylde fun in the egle nest Thomas Radclyf Abbot". Translated, this says; "Until his time God has him given such grace he labours busily..." "Blood the best scion of the child found in the eagle's nest. Thomas Radclyf Abbot". This refers to the legend of the eagle and child associated with the Stanley family, rulers of the Isle of Man.
Thomas Radcliffe is thought to have been a monk at Furness Abbey, the mother-house of Rushen, after which he took up the position of Abbott at Rushen Abbey.

Measurements: 179cm length x 10cm width; 206cm length x 10cm width

Materials: wood: oak

Object name: architectural fragment

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: L22221


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