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Grey seal

Description: Grey seal, (Halichoerus grypus) young.

Grey seals' scientific name, Halichoerus grypus, means “hooked-nosed sea pig". There are only two species of seal found around the shores of the British Isles, the other being the Common seal (Phoca vitulina). Ironically, around Manx waters, it's the Grey seal that is the most common and they can be seen around places such as The Sound and Peel Harbour. They give birth to a single fluffy, white pup in the autumn, and there is an annual monitoring project on the Calf of Man.

Individual seals can be identified as the dark splotches in their grey fur are like fingerprints and unique to each individual. Males can live for more than 25 years and will begin breeding by the time they’re eight years old, while females start breeding after five years and can live up to 46 years.

Date found: 1926/11/14

Taxonomic name: Halichoerus grypus

Collection: Natural History Zoology Collection

ID number: 1954-2476

Subject tags : #MM100COLLECTIONS


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