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Side-saddle made by Corletts of Ramsey

Date made: 1930s

Description: A leather side-saddle made in the 1930s by Mr P.M. Corlett of Parliament Street, Ramsey. The Corletts were among the best known saddlers in the Isle of Man, and the only saddlers in the north of the Island. Among Mr Corlett’s friends and customers was Stephen Strickett, who for many years worked on the Douglas Horse Trams. He acquired the saddle for his sister when Mr Corlett died.

The side-saddle is a highly decorative example and is decorated with a panel of floral designs on the front. This particular type is a two pommel side-saddle, also known as a 'leaping horn', with the second side pommel allowing the rider greater security when galloping or jumping fences during fox hunting.

The side-saddle shows the quality of P.M.Corlett's craftsmanship and illustrates the fact that not all the saddler's work was functional horse harness for agricultural use. Since the saddle was still owned by Mr Corlett when he died, it is possible that this was an 'exhibition' piece used to show the standard of his work. Side-saddles allowed women of the upper classes to ride with modesty, whilst wearing long dresses, but this type of two pommel side-saddle also allowed women to take part in a full range of equestrian pursuits such as fox-hunting and show jumping.

Measurements: overall: 73 x 85 cm

Materials: copper alloy, fibre/animal, iron, leather

Object name: saddle

Collection: Social History Collection

ID Number: 1995-0172


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