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Peregrine Falcon

Description: Manx name: Shirragh Ny Ree.

The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) has a special place in Manx tradition. As a reward for military services rendered, in 1405 the English King Henry IV gave the Isle of Man to Sir John Stanley, whose family subsequently ruled the Island for over 300 years. In return, the Stanleys and their successors were to present to each new King, at his coronation, a pair of Manx peregrine falcons.

Though recovered well from the devastating effects of pesticide pollution in the 1960s, these majestic birds of prey, their nests and eggs are still fully protected by law in the Isle of Man, as they are in the UK. As with other specimens sent for taxidermy by Manx National Heritage, this exhibit is from a bird that died accidentally, the body found by a passing member of the public and handed in to the Manx Museum.

References: Sharpe, C.M. (ed) 2007. Manx Bird Atlas. Liverpool University Press; Cullen, J.P. & Jennings, P.P. 1986 Birds of the Isle of Man. Bridgeen Publications, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Place found: Port St Mary

Date found: 2000-10-16

Taxonomic name: Falco peregrinus

Collection: Natural History Zoology Collection

ID number: 2002-0160


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