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Close ny Chollagh Bone Comb

Date made: Iron Age: 500 BC-500 AD

Description: This comb is made from animal bone and is over two thousand years old. The comb has a hole at the top for suspension. It was found during excavations of the Iron Age promontory fort at Close ny Chollagh, near Castletown.

The survival of this comb, with half of the twelve teeth still intact, is remarkable. This comb is the earliest personal grooming product so far found on the Isle of Man.

The fact that this comb was found in a habitation site rather than with a burial indicates everyday use, rather than ritual. The comb, as it would today, would help keep hair and beards tangle- (and insect!) free.

Measurements: overall: 5 cm x 4 cm x .3 cm

Materials: Bone

Date found: 1950s AD

Object name: comb

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 1959-0010


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