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Tree sparrow

Description: Manx name: Jallyn Ny Miljyn.

One of the farmland bird species that have been badly hit by twentieth century intensification of agriculture in Britain, the tree sparrow is an uncommon resident in the Isle of Man. Small flocks can still be seen, particularly in the northern lowlands. The Manx Bird Atlas (2007) found 156 - 240 breeding pairs on the Island and a wintering population of somewhat less than 1000. Though not thought to be migratory, tree sparrows do show some dispersal movements following the breeding season. Like the closely related house sparrow, this species is a seed and insect eater. Nests tend to be in holes in walls, trees and also in nest boxes.

This adult male bird was cought by a domestic cat. Cat kills are unfortunately a common source of specimens for the museum collections.

References: Sharpe, C.M. (ed) 2007. Manx Bird Atlas. Liverpool University Press; Cullen, J.P. & Jennings, P.P. 1986 Birds of the Isle of Man. Bridgeen Publications, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Place found: Andreas

Date found: 2005-01-21

Taxonomic name: Passer montanus

Collection: Natural History Zoology Collection

ID number: 2007-0042


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