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Lead, zinc and iron ore

Description: A/ a mass of subhedral galena with finer dolomite and quartz crystals. B/ sphalerite, sparry clear quartz and galena. C/ Veins of sphalerite and quartz in probable Manx Group slate host. D/ subhedral galena and clear, euhedral quartz. E/ Coarse euhedral dolomite and quartz crystals on a layer of anhedral sphalerite. F/ Subhedral, translucent quartz with euhedral calcite and anhedral chalcopyrite (cabinet 4, drawer 15). 5/ large, mamilar haematite (cabinet 4, drawer 15).

Taxonomic name: Galena, sphalerite and haematite

Collection: Natural History Geology Collection

ID number: 1966-0062


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