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Dark green fritillary

Description: In the Isle of Man, the Dark Green Fritillary butterfly is typically a species of heathy grassland, often on coastal slopes where the larval food plants, violets, grow under bracken. Though the population seems to be fairly healthy, the species is localised to a small number of sites on the south west, north and east coasts and in the northern uplands. The adults can be numerous in early summer on the Calf of Man, taking advantage of the prolific flowering of Thrift as a nectar source.

The Dark Green Fritillary is one of only 19 species of butterfly breeding in the Isle of Man, out of a British Isles total of around 56 species. There is concern that numbers of the fritillary are declining in the UK. The Isle of Man therefore has a responsibility to conserve the habitat of these magnificent butterflies in order to maintain a strong population.

The specimens shown are from the collection of Will Cowin, well-known Manxman and naturalist, who collected butterflies and moths in the early decades of the 20th century. One specimen shows the upperside, the other the underside of the wings.

Date found: 1936-06-28

Taxonomic name: Argynnis aglaja

Collection: Natural History Zoology Collection

ID number: 1958-0320B/13/8


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