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Douglas Harbour

Description: Douglas Harbour, on the east coast of the Isle of Man, is the main port (|NGR 23884 47511). Brown's Guide to the Isle of Man of 1900 says, "...the view up the Harbour, capable of holding a considerable number of vessels of various sizes, is singularly interesting and attractive. There is at all times a good deal of movement going on about it, especially on market days...The Harbour is...crowded with shipping of all sizes and rigs, and apparently from all parts of Europe; to the non-nautical eye at least, as inextricably jumbled together as the people and the vehicles on the Quays. Here is a dirty cargo "tramp," this time maybe from Liverpool with a load of "sundries; " close beside it is a "coal boat," as black with coal dust as a chimney sweep; there is a timber brig of large size from Norway or Canada, its tall heavily shrouded masts rising high above the houses on the Quay...The scene is a strange one to be found in a watering place of the standing of Douglas, and forms one of those strong contrasts between things ordinarily so incongruous but which are so essentially characteristic of the Isle of Man, and enter so largely into the secret of its attractiveness." (p.81)


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