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Battery Pier (Douglas)

Description: Battery Pier forms part of Douglas Harbour on the east coast of the Isle of Man (NGR 23897 47502). Brown's Guide to the Isle of Man of 1900 says, "The pier itself is one of two massive works, enclosing the large sheet of water forming the Outer Harbour; the other being the Breakwater or Battery Pier, as it is usually called, which runs out from The Head on the south side of the harbour, and which gets its name from the two-guns volunteer battery, which formerly stood on the hill-side above the work. It is a built work, and rests for the greater part of its length upon a ledge of slate rock running eastward from the shore, of which the Conister Rock, further north, is an out-lier. The ledge is known as the "Pollock Rock"." (p.64) Brown's Popular Guide to the Isle of Man of 1930 says, "The other great protective work of this port - the Breakwater or "Battery Pier" was completed in 1879. It is 750 feet long with a depth of water of 33 feet at its outer extremity. Its cost was £110,000." (p.57)


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