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A short and plain instruction for the better understanding of the Lord's Supper: with the necessary preparation required: for the benefit of young communicants, and of such as have not well considered this Holy ordinance, to which is annexed, the office of the Holy Communion. with proper helps and directions for joining in every part thereof with understanding and benefit

Publication date : 1777

Author or editor: Wilson, Thomas, Bishop; Moore, P.

Notes: Bi-lingual text English/Manx: Sect I. A short introduction to the true understanding of the Lord's Prayer. A prayer of thanksgiving for God' s sending his own Son to redeem mankind. Sect. II. The end and institution of the Lord's Supper. A prayer for retaining a grateful remembrance of what Christ has done for us in this divine institution. Sect III. How a Christian ought to prepare himself for this sacrament. The first head of self-examination concerning our repentance. A prayer for repentance. Sect IV. Concerning our purpose of leading a new or Christian life. A prayer for the grace of loving God with all our heart etc.. Sect V. Concerning our duty to our neighbour and ourself. The prayer on that occasion. Sect. VI. An enquiry whether we have a lively faith in God's mercy thro' Christ. The prayer on that occasion. Sect. VII. An enquiry, whether we have a thankful remembrance of Christ's death. The prayer on that occasion. Sect. VIII. An inquiry whether we are in charity with all the world. The prayer on that occasion. Sect. IX. General observations, pertinent to the subjects of the foregoing sections. Observations on receiving worthily or unworthily the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Sect. X. Meditations on several texts of scripture, proper to be used a little before receiving. Introduction to the order of administration of the Lord's Supper. The order for the administration of the blessed sacrament, with suitable observations and directions. Private devotions after the sacrament. either in the church or at home. concerning spiritual Communion. A brief and plain paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer. Morning prayer for a family. A family prayer for Sunday morning. Evening prayer for a family. A family prayer for Sunday evening. Prayers for particular persons, both morning and evening.

Language: English, Manx

Physical description: iv, 196 p. ; 23 cm. ; hbk.

Item name: book

Collection: Library

ID number: M 29601

Classification: E.50/B7

Subject tags : #GAELG


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