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Glen Henderson

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Mount: Lightweight – N.S.U.

Age 25, Glen Henderson is a motor cycle agent and comes from Ayr, Scotland. This is his first T.T. race and, indeed, owing to business reasons, he has not “ridden seriously” for three years; he competed in a few Continental events, however, between 1951 and 1953.

Referring to his N.S.U., he writes: “After two years work (which when the idea of preparing the N.S.U. started) this will be the first event. As I write this I am almost asleep, as I have not been in bed for two days”.

Hobby: Speed skating; he has held the British ¼ mile record!
(TT Special, 5 June 1957, p.24.)

Nationality: Irish

Competed in

1958 Lightweight TT1267.52NSU


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